Weekends….when my get up and go fails me

So unmotivated. I feel like a slug most of the time. Having to get up every single day for work I relish the laziness I can have on a weekend. I don’t however like the guilt I feel when I don’t leave the house and my daughter suffers for it. Oh she has toys and games and shows but she needs to be out in fresh air. This is the hard part of having a child later in life …I never had to be  up or think of something to do I could get up and do as I please. Would I change things now, not on your life. I just wish my get up and go wouldn’t get up and leave without me.


This is what I’m talking about

I have no idea how to peel my kid away from the tv…there is no schedule or routine for bed( don’t judge) so here we are @ 11pm and she’s still awake. Anyone with ideas to help with bedtime routines would be welcomed! I’m also sick of kids shows  Please go to sleep……I love yoooooou   AND SHE’S OUT

Welcome to my blog !

So Im not going to stick tojust the topic of being an older mom, 41 with a 4 year old. I’m going to blog about my life, things I like, don’t like, I’m going to complain and be honest. This blog is more for me but I hope you enjoy it. 🙂